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Z4M Solutions

Zope provides well-integrated, easy-to-use solutions for content management, classifieds, ad serving, management, citizen journalism, automotive vertical, blogging, video, and federated search. Innovative, flexible, cost-effective solutions.

Solutions Overview

Zope Corporation has developed a superior approach to content management software and services, delivering the most flexible solution based on an open source platform. With Zope software, customers can quickly create, manage, and distribute their content.

Z4M Mobile Reporter

The Zope Mobile Reporter is an easy-to-use mobile client for the Zope4Media Content Management System. Users can take, tag, and upload photos to their Z4M-powered site.

Z4M for Print

Zope Corporation offers Zope4Media (Z4M) - the most advanced, affordable Web content publishing solution for newspaper, magazine and book publishers. Z4M is available as a turnkey, hosted solution. Z4M is a complete Web solution for print publishers.

ZODB Replication Services

The ZODB Replication Service (ZRS) family of products increases the reliability and performance for all Zope enterprise clusters. ZRS provides storages that maintain redundant data storage and eliminate the storage system as a single point of failure.

Zope Federated Search

Enables advanced searching across otherwise disconnected web pages, applications, widgets, and databases

User Generated Content

Enables consumers contributing articles, blogs, comments, videos, pictures, directly to web properties, within a controlled environment.

Zope4Media Broadcast

Zope Corporation offers Zope4Media (Z4M) - the most advanced, affordable content publishing solution for television and radio companies. Z4M is available as a turnkey, hosted-solution. Z4M is the "must have" part of every broadcaster's Internet arsenal.


We decided to use Zope and ZSQL Methods to provide web interfaces to databases that contain information about large scientific datasets - such as starting date, number of data points, and quality metrics for the data. Starting with a working 'MySQL' database, using the pre-configured Apache that ships with Zope, we got a simple query working in well under 2 hours. Very impressive product!

Joe VanAndel National Center for Atmospheric Research