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Integrated Solutions

Zope helps clients create large scale, high-performance business applications that integrate quickly and efficiently with existing web and legacy systems For additional information about these and related

Zope Managed Hosting

 Zope Corporation provides several types of hosting services:

  • Zope-tuned colocation services (rack space, remote power management, network access)
  • Turnkey access to Zope Corporation products.
  • Shared and/or dedicated network servers/services including:
    • Load balancers
    • Cache/accelerator servers
    • LDAP servers
    • Database servers (e.g., mySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle®)
    • Firewalls
  • Integrated ad serving solution
  • Network and network service monitoring and remediation services
  • Managed services for all Zope-based software delivered under Service Level Agreements


We decided to use Zope and ZSQL Methods to provide web interfaces to databases that contain information about large scientific datasets - such as starting date, number of data points, and quality metrics for the data. Starting with a working 'MySQL' database, using the pre-configured Apache that ships with Zope, we got a simple query working in well under 2 hours. Very impressive product!

Joe VanAndel National Center for Atmospheric Research